We do networking exchanging projects and letters, postcards of signs and more and more electronic information in this world wide web, speaking, writing, meeting and producing

But if i write you peace is there peace in the world ?

If we meet us where is communication in our dialog ?

Mail art is a nice idea, but is it enough in this very fast civilization  to realice a nice idea ?

If i think freedom, exists then freedom ?  

Now, I do not know anymore why I am doing all this, standing like in a cross of my activities and don´t knowing what direction I should go.

I need a sign from the spirit, which i can understand

Is there anybody in this earth who can send me a piece of hope, more than just a „keep in touch“ formality ?

My energy is passing through a dark hole of nothing and I am afraid to see never a  horizont illuminating our bodies in a comunity,
to die like a stupid man full of egocentric art.

Hamburg, 1997

PD.  In present, 2012, i am still doing networking, but my mainstream behaviour in art trying to sell my paintings are down to cero, but my universal energy is flowing through my body and spirit connected to the universe and small projects like under

Hans Braumüller
1966 in Santiago de Chile geboren. 1985 Abitur in Hamburg 1991 Diplom in Bildender Kunst mit der höchsten Auszeichnung, Universidad de Chile, Santiago de Chile 2000 Crosses of the Earth, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Santiago, Chile,